It all started With...

California's La Jolla cove, the southern state's oak trees draped with Spanish Moss, and New Zealand's majestic Coromandel.

Melissa Litchfield, Founder Of Oak & Cove

I'm a mom to a spunky six year old, named Maddie, who is one of the inspirations behind this brand. I wanted to launch this brand because I as a mom saw a gap in the retail market for children's clothing. Colors and prints are often limited in big retail stores and I found that certain styles aren't always created with functionality or sustainability in mind. Our name is inspired by places my family and friends reside. California's La Jolla Cove, the southern state's oak trees, and New Zealand's majestic Coromandel. Each place are breath taking and our family has special memories shared in each location. Our pieces are ethically sourced and produced in Bali. Our first collection features sun safe fabric designed with the practical and fashionable mom in mind.

What We Care About Most

What We Care About Most

With sustainability being at the forefront of Oak + Cove's mission, all apparel is ethically sourced and manufactured in Bali. In addition, all pieces are created using UPF sun safe materials to add that extra layer of protection for toddlers and infants.

We care about the quality of all our pieces and the safety of our customers.